Edmonton Concrete Sealing

Before you have any concrete, stone, wood, pavers or brick sealed, we highly recommend that you have it professionally cleaned. Just as you would clean the walls before you paint them, it is extremely important that there is no mold, mildew, erosion, moisture, efflorescence, or other substances lurking before a sealant is applied. Our goal is to enhance the look of your concrete, stone, brick, or other hard surface. That is why our stone cleaners work hard toremove all dirt, debris, moisture, and mold before applying sealant.

We also remove calcification and other stone growths and abrasions to ensure even and sturdy application of sealant. Our stone cleaning services include Removing Stains; Applying Consolidator Treatment to Damaged Stone; Eliminate Discoloration Calcium Buildup Removal; Clearing Debris, Mold & Mildew; Gentle Soda Blasting; and Pressure Washing. Stone sealing is best left to a professional.

How and Where Do We Seal?

You will have your choice between a variety of sealers for your project. We tend to recommend the best performing stone sealers & stone cleaners on the market with the highest silicone content. Our primary objective is to provide the longest lasting, quality product possible.  We never advocate for cutting the corners or doing something in a sub-standard manner.  This is done by ensuring a proper coat, with quality materials.

What are the Benefits of Sealing?

Although stone materials are typically hard and very sturdy, when they are removed from the safe place they were made deep beneath the earth’s surface they become vulnerable to environmental conditions, foot traffic, water damage, salt water damage & chlorine damage depending on where they are installed. Sealing stone pavers allows the stone to breathe while protecting it from damage prolongs the life of your stone and keeps it looking clean and new for longer.

When dealing with concrete it's no different.  Over time it wears, and a protective layer should be implemented if you want to keep quality decorative concrete in pristine condition.

Sealing Flagstone to Protect Your Deck, Patio, and Pool Investments

A flagstone patio, deck, walkway, or pool coping adds to the look of any style of architecture and is a popular addition to homes throughout Texas. However, despite its tough-looking exterior, natural flagstone is extremely susceptible to degrading over time. Like most other types of natural stone, flagstone requires cleaning and sealing to prevent erosion and spalling.

RJML Decorative Concrete offers quality concrete surface services in the St.Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Grande Prairie,
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