Efficient, Affordable Concrete Repair in Edmonton

Although concrete is one of the most durable and lowest maintenance paving surfaces, overtime it will likely suffer some damage due to the natural settling of the ground and other influences. It is important that concrete damage be repaired correctly to ensure that the same problem does not pop up again a few months down the road. RJML is one of the most reputable concrete repair contractors in Edmonton, offering a full array of concrete repair services.

Crack and buckles in concrete is not only unsightly but also dangerous. Damaged concrete is often cited as a contributor to accidents and injuries that occur in parking lots or other paved surfaces.

Concrete repair can be a tricky task in some instances. It is important that any concrete repair contractor look to the source of the problem, before simply repairing the damage. Not finding the source of damage will often lead to even more costly repairs in the near future, while proper concrete repair should last for years to come.

Repair Solutions

Although there are many DIYs for concrete issues, it is highly recommended to seek the expertise of a professional contractor. This is to ensure that the real cause is determined and the proper solution is applied without delay. The process starts with an evaluation. The contractor assesses the damage and tries to determine what is really causing the issues. It is also at this stage that the contractor evaluates the severity and whether resurfacing can fix it or a complete overhaul is required. After the evaluation, the contractor now presents the floor owner with possible solutions.

Benefits of Concrete Repair

Installing a whole new floor eliminates all issues completely but it requires an outrageous amount of money and time. Repair is more affordable because it only targets the area that needs to be fixed. Overlays and coatings work well in improving the look of a cement surface while providing sound solutions to several issues. Aside from its economical benefits, it is also environment-friendly. How? It reduces the concrete waste that goes to landfills.

At RJML we pride ourselves on being one the best concrete paving contractors that Edmonton has to offer and it shows in the work we do. Our tireless dedication to getting the job done right and close attention to detail sets us apart from other Edmonton concrete repair contractors.

It is important to address concrete damage quickly, as small problems can become larger and more costly to repair very quickly if left unattended.

If your concrete parking lot or other concrete surface is beginning to show signs of damage RJML Decorative Concrete can help. For a concrete repair estimate please give us a call at (780) 231-3706.

RJML Decorative Concrete offers quality concrete surface services in the St.Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Grande Prairie,
Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Whitecourt, Nisku, Leduc, Wetaskiwin, Spruce Grove, Edmonton, and surrounding areas.

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