Polyaspartic Coatings For Garage Floors And More…

RJML Decorative Concrete technicians have applied polyurea polyaspartic to residential and commercial floors in and around a wide variety of Edmonton neighborhoods. Homeowners prefer this type of floor coating for the garage and even for their hobby rooms.

Owners of industrial properties will surely love this concrete sealer especially for areas where machines operate or are being used. You are probably already quite familiar with some aspects of polyurea applications. If you have ever seen a glossy garage floor that looked pristine and seemed to feature a variety of inlaid chips, you have seen this flooring option in use.

If you are interested in installing these coatings on your garage or commercial flooring, one thing is for sure: polyurea is the perfect choice if you want something that can endure heavy usage, chemical spills, and abrasion. Since the coating has a little bit of flexibility built in, it resists cracking and can therefore effectively absorb sudden increases in weight.

A sample board of River Rock I just put together. These boards are great for bringing along to consultations because this is one product that you really need to see and feel to get the full effect.

And the best part about polyaspartics? Look at that Flex!!! That means it won't crack with minor concrete shifts.

The completed product looks fantastic and there's no trace of any bending.  If your concrete floor is bending more than we bent this thing, you have much bigger problems than the polyaspartic coating!

Another sample board. This is an example of a flake broadcast system. I applied it to cardboard so you can see just how flexible polyaspartics really are, minor cracks in the concrete go completely unseen thanks to this durable coating!!

Our installation team begins the process of installation with an evaluation. Then the existing concrete slab is prepared to make adherence more effective. This prepping stage involves cleaning the concrete and removing anything that may interfere with the coating. For residential garage floors, oil stains and leaking fluid are cleaned. A diamond grit is then used to grind the surface to optimize adhesion.

Depending on the needs of your slab, we will perform any concrete repairs at this time. Now is the time that we add the coloring of your choice and vinyl chips for the unique look the polyurea polyaspartic provides for your flooring. Best of all, we can upgrade your floor in about a day.

RJML Decorative Concrete is a premier decorative concrete business with over 25 years of experience working on both residential and commercial properties. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating proves that we do our job well. Call (780) 231-3706 or email pm@rjmlltd.ca for a free consultation and quote. We welcome the opportunity to come out for a site evaluation.

RJML Decorative Concrete offers quality concrete surface services in the St.Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Grande Prairie,
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